Bangladesh open data summit

Commemorating the UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Week, Dataful is organising Bangladesh Open Data Summit 2021. The summit (ODinBD), first of its kind in Bangladesh, will bring open data producers, users, and innovators in one platform.

During the 3-day long multi-stakeholder summit, representatives from government and non-government organisations, NGOs, research organisations, universities, and media will shed light on the state of open data in Bangladesh in three thematic areas: (a) availability, (b) accessibility, and (c) innovation. The innovation theme will be an open space where speakers from several countries will present about possibilities of open data based innovations.


In 2016, Bangladesh government came up with the Open Government Data Strategy that outlined the standard procedure for opening up government data for people. Since then a number of government organizations have been opening up data on their websites, i.e., making the data available to the people. In this thematic area representatives from government organisations that are publishing data on the web will speak about their efforts/initiatives in making data open for public.
Data availability is not synonymous to data accessibility. In most cases open data in Bangladesh is available in PDF file format which is the great bar in accessibility of data. In Bangladesh, data accessibility problem is one of the main reasons that is discouraging people to get used to with data driven decision making process. In this thematic area representatives from a variety of non government organisations will speak about data accessibility problem from their perspectives.
Open data based innovative initiatives could play a vital role in monitoring transparency, accountability. Besides services could be developed fro people’s good based on open data that could save their time, energy and money. In this thematic area organisations from countries across the world will be presenting their open data based innovations.

Meet the Speakers

Kawsar Sojib

Kawsar Hossain Sojib
Data Innovation Economist

Shahid Uddin Akbar
Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development

Prof. Jude W.R. Genilo
Dean, School of Social Science | Head, Media Studies and Journalism Department
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Md. Alamgir Hossen
Deputy Director, Data Management and
Focal Point Officer of SDG Cell
Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics

Tahmina Sultana
Research Fellow
Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management

Md. Aminul Islam
Media Studies and Journalism Department, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Afia Sultana
Program Coordinator
South Asia Center for Media in Development

Dr. Shah Md. Ahsan Habib
Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management

Krishna Sapkota
Policy Adviser/Open data Researcher
Freedom Forum

Polash Datta

Priya Esselborn
Program Director for Bangladesh (India, Afghanistan)
DW Akademie

Saowalak Jingjungvisut
Partnerships and Communications Manager Islam
East-West Management Institute, Open Development Initiative

Tariq Hashmat Tauheed
Senior Data Analyst

Who made this summit a reality

Media Partner